You’ve got Style

Futuremind is one of only very few providers of this powerful learning experience in the UK.

You’ve Got Style!’ is a powerful exploration of mind styles in the classroom.

This course is particularly valuable in tackling differentiation in a creative way involving on-going feedback, recognising style in different ways and modifying teaching to match and at other times to challenge.

The course is based on a unique and easily completed psychometric instrument which allows each member of staff to assess their own style and increase their self-awareness of different approaches to learning.

  • Powerful insights into personality and behaviour
  • Practical advice on how to integrate a deep understanding of perception, psychology, linguistics and learning styles into classroom practice

“This is one of the most inspiring days I have attended as a teacher. It opened my eyes to all sorts of unconscious behaviours in me and my pupils and will help me to manage classroom dynamics and relationships in a much more professional and sophisticated way.”

Course Delegate

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