Confidential Mentoring for Heads

The benefits are huge. Taking time out to reflect personally and confidentially on one’s actions, successes and difficulties provides an opportunity for re-invigoration of inner strength, new determination, clarity of view and centredness.

  • Confidential and discreet.
  • On or off site.
  • Insights from many schools.
  • Process based on Nancy Kline Coaching.

“David Thomson’s sensitive mentoring was invaluable to me in my first year of headship. By asking just the right questions and encouraging rigorous self analysis, he helped me adjust to my new role. As a consequence, I developed rapidly as a leader and continue to draw upon his advice in all kinds of challenging situations.”

Senior School Head

“l found David’s supportive mentoring enormously helpful. As a new head, I found it difficult to understand where I was going and what I was doing, but after the sessions, I understood the purpose and rationale of my approach and the actions I needed to take for myself and the school. Managing change is hard and lonely. David gave me the confidence to see things through.”

Junior School Head

For a confidential discussion with David Thomson on what form of consultancy will suit best, please call direct on 07968831660 or send an email to