Ensuring Growth Mindsets

Carol Dweck’s work has become known globally and for good reason. Futuremind’s Growth Mindset workshops will change the way staff talk, teach and encourage learning.

Attitudinal and linguistic development will be evident in teacher/pupil and pupil/pupil interactions, in policy statements, display boards, communications between staff and in meetings. All areas of professional communication and understanding are enhanced due to the development of an agreed mindset for learning and growth.

  • Inspiring presentation on the subtle and powerful effects of adopting a growth mindset approach
  • Practical workshop style involving exercises
  • Numerous classroom examples
  • Opportunities for discussion and action planning

“This was a most influential inset which challenged and inspired staff to plan, teach and assess in a growth mindset way.”

Deputy Head, Dorset.

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“Better never ends”  W E Demming