Revolutionising Staff Appraisal

Leading small-group and whole-staff workshops and chairing the change team to introduce the Futuremind highly innovative approach to staff appraisal that ‘flips’ the traditional process and eradicates pencil and paper monitoring, creates a ‘buzz’ around professional development (rather than reluctant compliance with an additional chore) and moves responsibility from SLT to the staff themselves.

21st Century Curriculum
Whole School Development Plans
Working With Governors

“David led the design process and consulted closely with our team over 2 terms. The final result – we call it ‘PPD’: Professional and Personal Development – is a system which places celebration at the centre of all appraisal activities. It has energised staff to engage and present their achievements across the year. This is working brilliantly and as it is an online system, there are no paper forms and folders. The workload has been cut for everyone and yet the process is far more valuable.“

Helen Stewart-Morgan Senior Deputy Head, Thomas’s London Day School, Clapham