Gifted and Talented

Attending to the Special Needs of these pupils.

This course will provide you with the focus, insight and practical ideas to give a real sense of challenge and stimulation to your more able pupils. Many able children who deserve to be stretched find that they are simply given more to do. This course reveals why this is not the most effective practice and offers a wide range of fresh ideas and suggestions for you to adopt in your own practice.

“Obvious expert and enthusiast.”

Prep School Delegate
  • How to engage, challenge and extend the thinking and understanding of the brightest children
  • Drawing up an effective policy
  • Effective implementation
  • Essential practical ideas and methods for use in the classroom
  • Relevant to any school reviewing its G&T provision or beginning a new initiative in this area

“Great examples. Specific recommendations and resources.”

Head of Learning Support

“Challenging and thought provoking. All that was said was based on results of working with children and not just theories.”

Deputy Head

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“Better never ends”  W E Demming