Getting the Appraisal Interview Right

Getting the appraisal interview right is clearly a vital part of any performance management process which focuses on positive outcomes for staff and school improvement.

Yet, without taking the opportunity to examine closely the subtleties of the process, many valuable possibilities can be missed. It can become an extra chore, a bolt-on, a requirement from management. How do you ensure it is a respectful and positive conversation that covers professional and personal future possibilities as well as an opportunity for acknowledgement and positive feedback?

Being clear in your own mind about the purposes of the interview, what it is and what it is not, your sensitivity to the needs of the appraisee and the wider picture, your awareness of the behavioural dynamics within the ‘event’ and the extent to which you can determine the outcomes through your own conscious and unconscious behaviour all contribute to the quality of the interaction.

What are the subtle, yet critical, techniques for a positive outcome?

  • To review the approach to appraisal
  • To explore the psychology of positive interviewing
  • To contrast differing methods through practice
  • To practice approaching different cases and types of appraisee using specially designed scenarios
  • To share ideas and issues with colleagues
  • To review existing policy and paperwork
  • To create a plan for action

Futuremind has developed a highly effective ‘flipped’ model of staff appraisal. See our Case study.

“Extremely worthwhile. Made the performance management process more transparent . Excellent practical advice.”

Gary Evans, DoS, Thomas’s Clapham

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