Getting the Most from Lesson Observation

Getting the most from observing colleagues’ lessons.

This half-day workshop helps staff and SLT explore and generate ideas about what will be the most valuable process. The aim is for staff to generate a version of what the school’s guidance/policy on Lesson Observation will be — ie practical, relevant and with procedures and agreed outcomes.

  • Should there be different types of observation?
  • Who observes whom?
  • Advantages for observer and for observed?
  • What am I looking for?
  • What recording paperwork is necessary? — examples discussed.
  • How do I feedback? — Verbal? Written? — examples discussed.
  • Practice using Lesson video(s).

“Excellent. I learned a lot. Reflection is a very helpful process and it was good to have space created within the inset to do that in a guided manner.”

Taunton Senior School

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